Teaching Career in 2013 – Opportunities in Collage & Technical Education

Teaching can be defined as the generative process of exchanging knowledge of one person with any other person who is seeking it. A comprehensive definition of the teaching is that, teaching is, nothing but a process which allow pieces of information that know to pass from teacher to the students. A teacher have a chance to influence a lot of young minds and give them knowledge of morality, our culture, our traditional thoughts to bring about change in the society. Teaching is one of the most respected professions of the India as well as of the whole world.

Qualities a Good Teacher must posses

To be a good teacher there is a special knowledge of tricks and techniques. The most important qualities that a teacher should possess extreme patience and passion for the profession. A teacher should have a good deal of knowledge in the subject and must never forget that their profession is quite different from the other professions or jobs, which are done for money. For a pre-schooling teacher, it is essential that you are able to be a child with them, play, and laugh along with the tiny tots. A good teacher must have an inbuilt knowledge of pedagogy, the a lots of teaching practices and always make a lesson fun and not boring and stereotypical. A teacher have several other roles apart from the obvious work of teaching and imparting knowledge. They have responsibilities to shape the future and the way in which a child thinks. In India include teaching the prescribed curriculum and various activities like sports, dance etc are also done in the schools.

Current Scenario of Career in Teaching

According to the current scenario, there is a good scope in teaching, who teach good etiquette to the students. In present era experts get paid up to 1500 rupees per lecture in the major institutes and professors are getting a smart salary. The Government is offering very high salary package to teachers and there are many teaching jobs available even in village schools and government colleges. In India’s school teaching job can give you 120,000 to 300,000 per year, depending on the locality and your skills and experience. If you have Master’s degree and/or PhD then you are eligible to teach in colleges which pay more smart salary. At the same time, a lots of new private school and universities are growing very rapidly so there is a huge demand for good and talented teachers.

Qualifications for Good Opportunities in Teaching

For teaching in school there should be a B.Ed. degree equivalent or degrees in other fields (B.Com or B.Sc). to get hands-on experience in teaching you can work for private tuition classes and can also work on developing content for online course and also work as an online teacher. In India the teacher should be well educated and should possess acclamation from registered institutes, there are venues across the country where even high school education is acceptable. As in India the educational structure is growing so rapidly, the demand of good teachers is also increasing so rapidly that’s why every year numerous of teaching jobs needs to be fill up. Due to all these reason in India teaching has become a better career option.

Selection Process for Teachers

The recruitment process of teacher is based on merit and has entrance exam same as for any other government job. In the various states of India the requirements to know particular state languages, the requirements for being a certified teacher in a college is so high and degree in teacher education does not sufficient for it. To be certified, teacher, lecturer, professor this purpose a different procedure is set by Indian Government. In India teaching career is much regarded and holds a high place in the society. There are various scopes to build bright teaching career in the India. There is a huge range from pre-primary education, teachers in primary, middle and secondary schools. Also there are the colleges and universities which are giving huge scope for this profession.

Teaching Career in Primary Schools

In India there are thousands of primary schools and many more are still in under construction and in primary school a huge number of children of same age group makes teaching so tough. In a village and in a town, the scenario of teaching at primary schools is quite different. In the big cities and towns there are numerous public schools, which have a great infrastructure and are well equipped, but in the primary schools of villages there is no facilities even they don’t have a good building. Due to this fact a primary teacher does not have a promising career in the village.

Teaching Career in Secondary Education

On moving towards schooling in secondary and senior secondary or higher secondary education. In this level all the students are in their early teen age and to deal with them there is a need to read there psychology, due to which a teacher must be very patient and must have innovative teaching methods. Every year a number secondary and higher secondary schools are coming up by Government and non-government initiatives, thus more chances of job enterprises for the teachers. As in the primary schools the scope for teachers is not so good but in this level there are great chances to build a bright teaching career. The education level or degree for teaching in the primary school and in the secondary and higher secondary schools is same but here there is a great opportunity.

Teaching Career in Collage Education

In India post-schooling or college education is regarded as a big thing therefore in this level there is a important role of a college teacher. A lots of colleges and universities conduct elaborate entrance exams for recruiting the teachers and there should be a degree in teacher training, a masters’ degree in the subject. Those candidates who are having a Ph.D. degree, always get preference. Teaching in a college or university demands extra talent and a lot of expertise and skills. In this level there are lots of responsibilities over a teacher, which does not comes over a teacher at the lower levels.

Teaching Career in Technical Education

Teaching career in the technical avenue is also very good. Those candidates who having expert knowledge in the technicalities of the subject are suitable for this purpose because in this avenue only technical knowledge counts rather than teaching methods. To be a Technical teacher there is no need of age-old teaching practices. Teaching in these avenues is so different from the conventional teaching done in schools or colleges. Those students who complete their management from top management institutes or former engineers after or along with serving a term in some company are selected for the job in the several technical institutes.

A well-certified teacher in India gets a handsome salary with several incentives. The starting salary for a certified teacher in a government school is started from 15 thousand to 20 thousand at the beginners’ level which is extend up to 30 thousand for higher levels and in the college lecturers are getting up to 45 thousand with added incentives.

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