Medical Career Options 2013

In India Medical is one of the most respected and rewarding career for those student interested in Bio-Science and have good dealing with ill people. In whole world doctor’s profession really needs a lot of hard work which gives the satisfaction of curing patients at times even saving their lives. All student know that in this profession there are a lots of responsibilities rather than its privilege. Since long period the field of medical studies have developed in various stages and become as a professional career option. For being a good doctor the most necessary thing is to have specialization in a particular branch of medicine. In the same time the employment opportunities are increasing so rapidly because of super specialty hospitals which are mushrooming both within the country and abroad. In terms of remuneration, research and working facilities, the liberalization of economy is bringing better job opportunities for these professionals.

Current Scenario of Medical Field

As the world is becoming modern the thinking of our new generation is changing rapidly and now everybody is attracting towards technical fields and in the fields of gadgets. Due to this reason in the most of the countries the condition of medicine sector is so pathetic. Also, in India there are only 6 doctors for every 10,000 people because of a lots of other emerging career options which are attracting a large number of students. Which shows that a lots of thing present in our society are repulsing the new generation from this field. Still there are hope for upcoming future the condition will be improve and we get well educated and energetic healthcare professionals.

Different Fields in Medical Science

As it is a most demanding profession for those students have fondness for subjects like Biology, Physics and Chemistry. It is because of the unfortunate upsurge of diseases and ailments day by day to be a doctor at first it needs to first graduate with an M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree and students can also study in some other department of medicine like Dental Medicine (Bachelors in Dental Studies or B.D.S.), Homeopathic Medicine, Unani Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine. There are some other career options in the field of medicine, few important of them are optometry, anesthetics, nursing, physiotherapy, radiology, pathology, veterinary, paramedical, prosthetic and radio isotope techniques.

Courses Offered for Medical Career

Those students who are searching for their aim, Medical Field is a best choice for them. Medical sector is providing a lots of options to be a good doctor. In India a lots of Medical courses are running since a long time which are given below with the course duration:

  1. M. B. B. S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) of 5.5 years
  2. B. D. S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) of 4 years
  3. B. H. M. S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) of 5.5 years
  4. A. M. S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) of 5.5 years
  5. M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) of 3 years
  6. M.S. (Master of Surgery) of 3 years
  7. D.M of 2-3 years
  8. M.Ch. of 2 years
  9. B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) of 4 years
  10. B.Sc Nursing of 4 years
  11. B.P.T (Physiotherapy) of 4.5 years
  12. B.O.T (Occupational Therapy) of 3 years
  13. B.U.M.S(Unani Medicine) of 5.5 years
  14. Optometry of 2 years
  15. Ophthalmic Assistant Course of 2 years
  16. Histopathological Lab Technology of 1 year
  17. D. Pharma(Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) of 2 year 18.Lab Technicians of 1 year
  18. Sanitary Inspector Course of 1 year
  19. General Nursing Training Course of 3.5 years
  20. Dental Mechanic Course of 2 years
  21. Dental Hygienist Course of 2 years
  22. Bachelor of Occupational therapy of 3 years
  23. Radio logical Assistant of 1 year
  24. Radiography [Diagnosis & Therapy] of 2 years
  25. Nuclear Medicine Technology 2 years.

For all above courses all candidates must be at least 17 years of age and have passed 12th standard board exam with at least 50% marks with the necessary subjects in the 12 must be Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. You should also read Teaching Career in 2013. This is an educational blog. You can subscribe it for upcoming career resources.

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