List of Courses after 12th in India

This is the biggest thought of the 12th standard’s student today that what career options after 12th.

By the growing trend of education in India, now, students have a range of courses to choose in as a career option after 12th. It is more confusing to do so. But once you have selected the best for you as per your interest, you will feel a pace in your career and attitude.

Education has been expanded as per the requirement of the employment sector. Now, there are various career options after 12th in India including all stream courses and short time courses (Hobby courses).

There are following major programmes in India:

  1. Management
  2. Engineering
  3. Medical
  4. Applied Science
  5. Commerce
  6. Art & Humanities

Management courses

Management is one of the most jobs oriented and sought professional courses after 12th. Management contains the regulation and maintenance the administration of the organization. Management’s profile is the most responsible, respectful and challenging profile. The job sectors would be like corporate companies, colleges, IT companies etc.

Engineering courses

Engineering contains the design, build, invent, maintain, process, system, device, material, machine and improvement. It is one of the most popular fields among the students. It has a good career opportunity. The job sectors would be like IT industries, construction & real estate companies, research lab etc.

Medical courses

All medical courses are the best in order to the job orientations. It is one of the fields of responsibility and respect. Medical field provides the big opportunities to the students in term of assured and handsome job. The working areas are pharmaceutical industries, healthcare industries, hospitals and research laboratories.

Applied Science courses

If you had the science group in 12th class, you are eligible to get in any course of medical, art & humanities, commerce, management and engineering ( with PCM). The job sectors would be as research laboratories, colleges etc.

Commerce courses

Commerce is the vital part of an organization that covers the economical part of the legal, social, technological and political aspects. The commerce involves the activities of exchange the money, goods and services between the persons and companies.

Art & humanities courses

Art & Humanities contains a range of various courses. This field provides the career in media, animation, painting, photography, cultural art, choreography and cooking. A big number of students are pursuing the different courses in this field.

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