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Politics in the sense of humanity is just like a process through which people make, preserve, and amend the general rules under which all people of a particular region live. But now, As the world is growing so rapidly toward modernization, the scenario of the politics is also getting changed and in another language now political sense of the people is totally changed. The study of Political Science give us knowledge of workings of trade unions, corporations or other forms of groups that need not be ‘political’ as far as law and administration one concerned but have similar complexities of governmental procedures. In our country India the situation of politics is becoming so pathetic, which is not a good sign for upcoming generation of our country and it is due to lake of awareness in the common people. There is very huge requirement of honest young candidates to join politics because for the growth of any country the most necessary thing is its healthy and strong politics in other word we can say corruption free politics is the base for development of any country.

Present Condition of Political Career in India

In today’s scenario many of the people mainly the Indians think that politics as a career is not very too good or accessible and it is true in a sense. In the reality politics is a full-time job that requires individuals to invest a lot of time, energy and money. In one hand we are taking pride that India’s being the biggest democracy in the world and on the other hand we live in denial of how much it actually costs to run a democratic system smoothly. There is one needs to have a lot of resources to campaign and run for elections. If we look at the dynamics of India itself, there are lakhs of voters that need to be approached and won over in order to move forward in a political career. The condition is becoming so pathetic and it is become so difficult for youngsters to enter the field of Politics. The money has become most important factor, politics is automatically open to a lot of corrupt people, who happen to be the majority of people with the required resources. Actually political career is an extremely full of risks where despite spending a lot of resources one can never be entirely sure of the end result.

Participation of Youth toward Politics

A lots of young students are now choosing Political science to get study of political values, institutions, processes, and policies and also from the study of Political Science our young generation concern international relations, political theories, history, political economy, foreign policies, public administration, Federation, Information Technology and a number of other academic fields. The most necessary thing for the youth is to understand the meaning of term ‘Politics’, which is applied to a particular social phenomenon as well as a systematic study. This a really good sign for the future if politics that at present time when whole country is busy to get modernization in its life style and living standers, still there are number of people mainly youth of our country is taking part in the panchayats or other local or municipal bodies in the past few years has grown more than ever before. It is wonderful that young people like you are showing an keen interest in participating in our country’s political process and to take it at the frame which is free from all types of political scandals.

What is the Requirement and Capability

All those candidates who have ability to understand the importance of politics for a country, must gain a complete knowledge of Political Science which involves the study of governmental, non- governmental systems and operations. The study of term ‘Politics’ or ‘Political Science’ is always concerned with a particular type of human activity. At present time, Politics is concerned with the public sector, with Parliament, elections, cabinets and has little relevance to other sphere of human activity. A perfect study of Political science give you a clear understanding of politics at different-different level, whether it is domestic, international or a combination of both. If u want to be a good politician, study of Political science helps you to develop reasoning and analytic skills, and to arrive at decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data, build competence in oral and written expression, research and evaluation skills, which are valued in a wide spectrum of potential career areas.
Sure, belonging to a political family helps you to get your foot in the door of politics but beyond that it is entirely up to your performance and capability. These are the main things to possess a ideal knowledge of politics and to join politics for bright future of our country.

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